Relationship and Couple's Therapy

Are You Struggling In Your Relationship?

Are you experiencing the same types of issues in your relationships time and time again? Do you wonder how you keep attracting the same “type” of people into your life? Have you ever viewed your relationship as a roller coaster that consistently fluctuates between high points and low points? Does it feel like something has negatively shifted or changed in your relationship, but you are not sure if things are “bad enough” to seek couples therapy yet? Do you wish you could better understand your relationship history and strengthen your loving bond?

Relationship Issues Are Very Common

Everyone has experienced some level of difficult or unhealthy relationships in their lives. Whether with our parents, children, siblings, friendships, romantic partners or even coworkers – we often tend to passively fantasize about how we would like to address certain issues, without actively doing anything about it. 

Thankfully, it is always an appropriate time to begin bettering yourself and your relationships, by engaging in therapy with a compassionate, optimistic and authentic therapist.

Better Understand Yourself And Your Partner With Couple's Therapy

During supportive and engaging couple's therapy sessions, you will have the opportunity to learn more about how you can impact the dynamic of the important relationships in your life. Relationship issues are not only about doing work as a couple or a dyad. Great success can be gained by engaging in individual therapy for relationship issues as well. 

In fact, for couples that come in together, I also recommend engaging in individual therapy in order to achieve optimal growth and progress within their relationship. Relationships are very cyclical. One person’s behavior ultimately affects the others and vice-versa. Therefore, when just one person in the relationship alters his or her own behavior, the overall dynamic of the relationship will subsequently shift.

In individual therapy, we can work together to process your past and present relationship experiences as well as identify the roles in which you have played. By acknowledging and taking accountability for your own actions and behaviors, you will have the opportunity to feel empowered to take a more positive and proactive role in your relationships. This will allow you to seek out fulfilling, supportive and healthy relationships.

When working as a couple, it is just as important for each individual to focus on identifying how he or she specifically contributes to the issues within their relationship. Typical “pointing the finger” or “blame game” behavior often occurs within a relationship while outside of therapy. If it is necessary, I may redirect the sessions to ensure that our time together is productive and useful. It is also very important that each person feel that they are within a safe space and are comfortable enough to share openly and honestly, without experiencing any sense of judgment.

You may be interested in relationship therapy, but you still have questions and concerns…

Is relationship counseling only focused on issues within a romantic relationship?

Definitely not, as we have various types of very important relationships in our life. Therapy can assist people in better navigating and managing relationships with their parents, children, siblings, other relatives, friends, peers and co-workers. A relationship with an ex-partner may also be a preferred area of focus, particularly when co-parenting issues are involved. Additionally, people may not recognize how the unhealthy, past relationships in their lives continue to play out in their present day relationships. Therapy can be very beneficial in understanding such patterns and breaking the cycle.

Something seems to have taken a negative turn in my relationship. It seems like something is different or missing, but I’m not sure if things are really “bad enough” for couples counseling.

Believe it or not, this is actually an optimal time to seek individual or couples counseling. Envision each issue in your relationship to be like one bubble of lava in an active volcano. Each bubble may not seem to be such a big deal. However, when not successfully dealt with and worked out, they often continue to build up, ultimately reaching a breaking point or “eruption.” When relationship issues are in their initial stages, it is a rather simplified processes to address the specific problems at hand (lack of intimacy or passion, communication issues, parenting struggles, etc.) and successfully get things back on track.

I am interested in couple’s therapy, but my partner is not. Should I even bother coming in for treatment?

Yes, it can still be very useful to come into therapy, even if it is to work on your relationship issues individually. Each person brings much personal history (commonly referred to as “baggage”) into their present relationships, as well as, their common thoughts, feelings, behaviors and character traits. By better understanding oneself and the active role that we play within our relationship, the better we can make adjustments to help shift the dynamic and relationship patterns in a more positive and productive direction. 

Move Forward In A Positive And Rewarding Relationship

If you are ready to learn more about yourself and your relationship, please contact me. I’m happy to answer your questions and discuss how therapy can offer you support, understanding and solutions to your challenges.


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