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Do You Struggle With Overwhelming Worry Or Sadness?

Have you found yourself feeling stressed out, anxious and as if you’re always being spread too thin? Are you constantly doubting your life choices and finding that you are being much too hard on yourself? Does one anxious thought seem to spiral out of control and suddenly feel completely overwhelming? Between work, relationships, and simply making your way through new stages of life, anxiety may be creeping up on you more and more.

Or perhaps, you have started to feel dragged down into a cycle negative thoughts and feelings. Do you ever feel like you are just mindlessly going through the motions, attempting to make it through each day? Do your days feel less like an opportunity and more like a struggle or a burden? Do you feel helpless, hopeless or unmotivated? Does it feel as though you are going through life in a haze or a fog, rather than truly experiencing each moment? 

Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand and all of these symptoms can make daily life feel extremely unpleasant and challenging. No matter whether you struggle with stress or helplessness you may wish you could find an engaging and empathetic therapist who will work with you to create lasting change in your life.

Anxiety And Depression Are The Most Common Issues Individuals Face

Anxiety and depression are extremely common, especially in today’s day and age. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, depression is one of the most common mental health disorders in the United States, annually affecting over 15 million adults. In addition, according to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the U.S., affecting 18% of the population. 

In fact, anxiety is so normal, it affects everyone to some extent, and a manageable amount of anxiety can actually be productive and healthy. However, treatment is necessary when an individual struggles with overwhelming anxiety, to the point where it negatively affects his or her personal well-being, relationships or work life. If anxiety continues to go unmanaged, people will often also start to feel depressed, experience panic attacks, self-medicate with unhealthy habits or isolate themselves.

Approximately one-half of all people who are diagnosed with depression are also diagnosed with a co-occurring anxiety disorder. Therefore, it is very common for someone to suffer with symptoms of depression and anxiety. Thankfully, symptoms of both disorders are highly treatable and these may be treated in therapy either together or separately.

Individual Counseling Can Help You Move Forward In A Calmer And More Joyful Life


Psychotherapy is a proven and a very effective treatment method for dealing with anxiety and depression. During compassionate and personalized therapy sessions, you and I will work together to learn more about what triggers your stress, negative thinking and/or lack of motivation. Once we understand more about your emotions, we will work to get you started on a positive path through engaging in a number of effective treatment approaches and techniques.

One particular approach, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, can be especially helpful in allowing you to become more aware of negative and irrational thought patterns, which lead to unpleasant emotions and unhealthy and unhelpful behaviors. 

Since anxiety and depression may take different shapes and forms, I work with you directly to determine which treatment modality would be the most effective and beneficial for you. Other approaches we may incorporate into our anxiety therapy or depression treatment sessions include supportive therapy, strengths-based therapy, solution-focused therapy as well as meditation and mindfulness techniques, such as breathing exercises. Many people often find that in addition to talk therapy, meditative and mindfulness techniques are beneficial in managing their symptoms. 

No matter the extent of your stress or sadness, there is always the opportunity to enjoy your life, spend time doing the things that make you happy, feel connected to the important people in your life and experience satisfaction at the end of each day.

By working together with an empathic and effective therapist, you can improve your cognitive, emotional and behavioral patterns and increase your mindfulness in life, leading to a more productive, calmer and happier life. 

Move Toward Wellness And Fulfillment With Individual Counseling

People are often hesitant to seek treatment for anxiety or depression for various reasons. The thought of taking those initial steps may seem overwhelming. If this is the case, please reach out to me by calling (908) 458-0462. You’ll have the opportunity to voice your needs and concerns, and I will gladly answer any questions you may have about individual counseling, anxiety treatment or depression therapy. I assure you that initiating contact is often the most difficult part and that I regularly hear the words, “I’m really glad that I came in,” by the end of the first session.

You deserve to make the most of your life and to be the person that you want to be.


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